Natural patterns left by the ebbing tide on a sandy beach

As the tide ebbed at Rhossili beach one day in November, it left acres of natural patterns in the sand where the receding waves had sifted the grains of different weight and colour, and rearranged them into drunken stripes and zigzags.

24 Replies to “Ebb Traces in the Sand at Rhossili”

  1. Wonderful painterly photos. BUT….you clearly found lots of different sections…where are your foot prints? Or anyone else’s for that matter. Did you have this vast beach all to yourself?


  2. Thank you, Angela. I suppose I must have walked under a mile of Rhossili beach to take the sand pattern photographs (it is actually about three miles/5 km across). It was easy to take shots without footprints because there were not many people around – maybe half a dozen that could be seen – so I did have the beach mostly to myself. A great reason for visiting out of season and avoiding school holidays.


  3. Thank you, RH. I love the way these natural sand patterns can be viewed in different ways and digitally manipulated. It is easy to convert the images to black and white – I’ll post some for you – but I tend to prefer them in vibrant colours.


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