5 Replies to “Rhossili from my window (3)”

  1. Thank you. I am pleased you like it. Rhossili is a very atmospheric place, and some may even say spiritual. Monks once set up a very small community on Burry Holms island at the northern end of the beach, and later moved to the terrace at the foot of Rhossili Down. It must have been an inspirational place to live as well as a very hard one.

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  2. Unfortunately, it is only temporarily my window for this week. Please don’t feel jealous because you too could share these views as most of the rooms at the Worms Head Hotel in Rhossili overlook the beach. You can, weather permitting, enjoy a view of the entire length of the beach, and zoom into the details with your camera as I have done. The National Trust also rents out Coastguard Cottage in the village with a similar panoramic vista. Best of all is isolated Rectory positioned on the terrace at the base of Rhossili Down, also rented out by the National Trust but with a very long waiting list for reservations.


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