Reminding me of the wonderful time that I spent in Australia a few years back, these photographs were actually taken in Kew Gardens near London, England. I am simply fascinated with the way the bark peels away to reveal layers of different, sometimes very subtle colours; and the infinitely variable way that the tree trunk divests itself of the older bark in strips resulting in abstract designs. The pictures represent many individual trees and species of this genus, each with its own characteristic hues, patterns and textures.

24 Replies to “Eucalyptus Bark Patterns 2”

  1. Aren’t the colours so delicious? I only learned to appreciate Eucalypts after I’d lived in the UK for a long time. I came back to Oz and saw all the colours and smelt the trees with much more respect.


  2. Thank you, Bilderladen. There is so much around us in the natural world to appreciate and capture with the camera for others to enjoy too.


  3. Wonderful colours, patterns and textures in all these shots Jessica and they work so well together as a mosaic before looking at the details. I noticed one of the photos is apparently upside down! Is that deliberate? I’ll let you look for it πŸ˜‰


  4. Thanks, Alastair. Well spotted, but actually, most of the photographs in the post show the bark patterns without their original orientation, otherwise all the stripes would be be more or less vertically aligned – and that might be a bit boring in the gallery layout. I like to see the patterns as abstract compositions in their own right, so I arrange them in ways that I think look good at the time of posting, with the copyright words always at the bottom right corner of the image.

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  5. stunningly beautiful! Very well seen and captured – and it makes me yearn for real spring where I am even if theres on eucalyptus here…


  6. Thank you, Marso. WordPress provide a nice selection of gallery formats to use, and this one seemed to suit; I tend to shoot natural patterns in all sorts of orientations anyway.

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