English countryside under dark skies


A walk in very mixed January weather along muddy lanes, through arable countryside with freshly ploughed and green planted fields divided by clipped hedges. Rain and hail from dark clouded skies, and occasional shafts of sunlight, slant over low rolling hills trimmed by bare-branched trees. The local river full to the brim and flowing fast with turbulent waters, escaping into channels that once fed the old mill and water meadows. White fleeced sheep with pink noses feed near the old derelict barn.

8 Replies to “Rural Views around Charlton Down”

  1. What a lovely walk! So nice to see the countryside, and I love the old lanes and the stream with the tree bending over it. The streams are very full and the ground looks boggy. We’ve had a change here, with snow overnight.


  2. This walk is very muddy in places but still passable. I am wondering whether the river will overflow the banks in my favourite stretch where the path runs alongside it. I am hoping that the dredging of the bed a year or so ago will remain effective – it created a levee of the dredged material that is forming a protective barrier up till now. The water is over the ground like a lake in the next field downstream.


  3. The colour contrast between the curving slopes of ploughed and planted fields, together with highlighting by slanting shafts of light, creates wonderful vistas.


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