Frost 1

We are experiencing a mild winter so far here in Dorset. It is nearly Christmas and I’ve hardly had my central heating on. This time five years ago we were shrouded in freezing fog that created a beautiful scene with every leaf, branch and tree coated with thick white spikey frost. I took a lot of pictures at the time and forgot to post them – better late than never.

11 Replies to “Frosty Trees”

  1. This is what winter should be like. I don’t know what to wear in these summer temperatures (think of August this year – it was chilly) and keep putting on too much. Beautiful photos – I love the curly liner needles 🙂

  2. Thank you. These frosty pictures were nostalgia on my part as it is unseasonably mild here in England. Dull, dismal, and damp but with a temperature of 17 degrees C forecast for the end of this week.

  3. Thank you, Alastair. You are right, it is difficult to judge what to wear in this odd weather we are having. These pictures mark the only time that I can remember having hoar frost up to an inch thick here in Dorset.

  4. Thanks, Aidy. The severe frost in 2010 was a rare occurrence here and I seem to recall it was followed by deep snow and a big freeze for weeks on end. I do like the picturesque nature of the icy scenery but not when I am then trapped in the village by unpassable roads.

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