Embroidered silk Chines festive dragon robes from the Qing DynastyA watery theme in textiles this time. These images show details of the designs on the hems on two Chinese silk embroidered dragon festive robes, worn by an Imperial consort and an Imperial prince during the Qing dynasty (1856-1908). They are displayed in a glass case at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England. The hems of the garments depict waves and surf while dragons fly overhead on the main body of the robe. If you look closely at the detail of the churning water, you may see small stalk-eyed crabs, sea snails with coiled shells, leaping blue fish, and strange sea anemones lurking in the foam.

6 Replies to “Embroidered Waves”

  1. Thanks, Monster Mermaid. Loved your sea potato posting – they are so varied aren’t they? And sometimes you don’t see one for ages, and then they all appear at once!


  2. Thank you, Dina. It’s incredible to think that these gowns were entirely and painstakingly sewn by hand in such intricate detail, especially the little sea creatures peeping out of the waves.


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