View looking north along the river in the Cerne Valley

The Cerne Valley is becoming lush. April has seen prolonged periods of sun and warmth spurring on plant growth. The catkins have fallen and all trees are starting to flower and come into leaf. Along the river banks, the low-growing Butterbur that had been clustered on bare dredged-out chalk heaps are now concealed by dock, stinging nettle, and flowering Comfrey. Iris and Sweet Flag stand flowerless with their roots in the water. An isolated leaf curves downwards to trail its point in the river flow, creating fantastical patterns of reflected light, while the birds sing their hearts out and bees buzz lazily by.

Stand of Yellow Flag leaves on the riverside

Leaf of Yellow Flag trailing in the water flow

Macro-photograph of reflection patterns made by a trailing leaf in a small river

Macro-photograph of reflection patterns made by a trailing leaf in a small river

View looking south along the banks of the River Cerne

8 Replies to “By the River Bank 2”

  1. Thank you, Jo. I visit the river quite often now; it’s not far to walk from my home. I love to see what mood the river is in – it changes with the light and the amount of rain. I found myself today surprisingly wishing I could get a pair of waders on to have a closer look – studying freshwater macro-invertebrates used to be my job!

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  2. I think the patterns of miniature water vortices would have been too chaotic to capture today. It has been far too windy to linger under the riverside trees to take photos – but I’m sure the fish were all enjoying your day off from fishing!


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