These huge willow basketwork sculptures were made by Tom Hare and displayed in the open-air setting of Kew Gardens in London during September 2013. Inspired by a visit to Kew’s fungarium, the sculptor and artist created this work called “Fungi Fairy Ring” by weaving willows onto steel frames. Some of the willows were stripped of bark to achieve a whiter colour that suggests the pale parts of fungi; while other willows were boiled to give a darker appearance like that found in the gills. Altogether a very striking and apt display to enjoy on a late summer walk around Kew.


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4 Replies to “Funny Fungi at Kew”

  1. Unfortunately, Kew depends on income from the gates not only to pay for the upkeep of the gardens but also to fund vital research. Did you know that the government are about to withdraw funding from Kew which could have disastrous results for them – significant redundancies and cutbacks in research? I am thinking of becoming a member to support them.


  2. I sort of did know that, Jessica. I was being flippant. As usual. It’s a poor target for Government cuts. But so many things are. We are in Chiswick when in London – so close that maybe we should join up too… [I was just reminded of the old turnstiles – even when the entry price was increased massively, they gave you an old penny to work the turnstile to get in]


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