This is the second of two galleries of images to give you a taste of what it is like on the small island of Grand Manan in Canada’s Bay of Fundy. The photographs include pictures of lobster pots and herring smoke houses at Seal Cove; columns of basalt forming cliffs at South Head; rock textures at Red Point in Anchorage Provincial Park; fisherman and boats at Dark Harbour – where a natural bank of beach stones protects the harbour from extremes of the sea; while at Whale Cove the beach stones have accumulated to dam back a still brackish lake, and wave-worn driftwood reveals intricate patterns in the grain.


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2 Replies to “More Glimpses of Grand Manan”

  1. Hi, Shmuel. It’s interesting that you have similar basaltic columns in the Golan. They must occur everywhere that molten volcanic basalt has cooled very slowly in deep underground magma chambers and has been exposed to the surface in recent times. Of course, the most famous basalt columns must be the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.


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