Grand Manan is a charming island off the coast of New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy, Canada. This is a selection of images giving my impressions of what the island is like, from a fascinating visit there almost a year ago to the day. I have already posted several articles on the the geology of the island and the old abandoned herring smoke houses – but this, the first of two picture galleries, gives more of an overview.

So here is a glimpse of some of the delights of the island with, first of all, views of North Head Harbour, Pettes Cove, Swallow Tail Lighthouse, Anchorage Provincial Park, and Red Point:  showing jagged rocks in beach outcrops and cliffs; pebbles on the shore; ferns and wild flowers in roadside meadows; and evidence for the island’s maritime and fishing history – with an abundance of brightly coloured fishing floats decorating quaint wooden houses, and spindly stakes emerging from the sea where disused herring fishing-traps lie underwater.


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