Beech Tree Cut Timber Patterns

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There is a lovely avenue of mature beech trees where I live. Sadly, because of the recent high winds and storms, one of these magnificent trees had to be felled as it was unsafe. Once it had been cut up you could see why. The base of the trunk was rotten and the fungal infection had spread throughout, leaving incredible patterns revealed in the cross-sectional slices of timber remaining on the ground. There was abundant beech mast and numerous small beech seedlings on the ground around the tree stump, so I hope that another tree will grow to replace the lost mighty one.


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12 Replies to “Beech Tree Cut Timber Patterns”

  1. Yes, very sad. It is a beautiful avenue at every season of the year but time takes its toll on everything. I would like to see your photo of The Dark Hedges.


  2. Great minds think alike! They would look incredible sanded and polished as coffee table tops. Unfortunately, that is something I could not achieve myself. It would probably take several strong persons just to lift one slab. However, I don’t think the wood will remain there for long – someone with greater resources will see the potential.


  3. Thank you, Inese. Your comment is much appreciated.
    P.S. I think that readers have to click on the post title to view the article and/or pictures separately before the like button appears.


  4. Posted a photo of “The Dark Hedges” in a new post on the Antrim coast road Jessica. Not very good light on the day I was there, but if you google it, there are some beautiful pictures of it out there.


  5. Shame about the tree – so many down this winter. But wonderful photos of the wood grain. There is a wood near us, which is open to the public, and when a huge tree falls down sometimes one of the guys who tends the woodlands uses a chainsaw to carve it into something. My childrens’ favourite is a huge sleeping lion they can hug and climb all over, with mane, eyes, tail and all the rest roughly cut from the bark and various shades of wood. A different way of looking, I suppose!


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