Seashells on Normanby Island – Part 1

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A wonderful assortment of beautiful tropical seashells lies on the coral beaches around Normanby Island. Normanby Island is one of the Frankland Island group which lies on the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland Coast of Australia. As it is a National Park, you cannot collect and take away anything from the island. All these photographs were taken on the beach during the visit. Access to Normanby Island is somewhat limited and only one company was running trips to the island when I was there. Most of the visitors sailing to the island from the Mulgrave River were intent on diving and snorkelling on the living coral reefs around the island, a pleasure that was denied me as a non-swimmer. I contented myself with exploring the shores and enjoying the fabulous picnic provided.


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6 Replies to “Seashells on Normanby Island – Part 1”

  1. Hi Jessica!
    I work with Frankland Islands and would love to share your blog post to our Facebook page if that’s ok with you. Just wondering if you have a Facebook page to credit you and link to.


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