8 Replies to “One in four living things is a beetle!”

  1. Those are beautiful shots – you should go into postcards! I have a similar picture of butterflies on a postcard that someone sent me – it’s been on my wall ever since.


  2. I thought they looked jewel-like, too. The colours, patterns, and shiny wing covers were amazing in their sheer variety.

    [Beetles actually belong to the Coleoptera. Bugs, technically speaking, are the true bugs like cicadas, water boatmen, and leaf hoppers – all insects that belong to the Hemiptera and possess piercing and sucking mouth-parts].


  3. They are such incredible creatures, aren’t they? They were all on display at the Insectarium in the Jardin Botanique de Montreal where they were demonstrating issues connected with insect biodiversity, conservation, and inter-relationships with plants and people; using living insect specimens as well as preserved examples.


  4. Thank you – I agree with you that they would make great cards. I was surprised that there were not any cards of this subject for sale at the Jardin Botanique de Montreal where I photographed them in the Insectarium.


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