Larger than life ladybirds sculpted from living plants at jardins Botanique Montreal

MosaÏculture is a horticultural art form where sculptures are crafted with natural materials, often from a mosaic of small living plants of various colours and textures that grow embedded on the surface of a base framework. The frame is covered with a growing medium retained by a fabric ‘skin’ that is punctured to accept the bedding plants. Great ingenuity is used to select the most appropriate plants. A lot of patience is required to construct and plant these living sculptures. Constant maintenance and watering ensure that these works of art continue to look their best throughout the summer season.

At the Jardins Botanique in Montréal, Canada, there is an MosaÏcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 exhibition of these plant sculptures. There has been great competition to create the most interesting or spectacular sculptures with contributions from all over the world.

Here is the first small selection showing insect sculptures on a giant scale photographed in late June. I think that one of the delights of this art form would be that it changes and improves as more flowers bloom and foliage increases throughout the warm months – the downside being the constant ‘dead-heading’ and pruning to maintain the shape and appearance.

Larger than life caterpillar sculpted from living plants at the Jardins Botanique Montreal

Giant butterfly sculpted from living plants at the Jardins Botanique Montreal

Giant bee sculpted from living plants at the Jardins Botanique Montreal

Larger than life beekeeper sculpted from living plants at the Jardins Botanique Montreal


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4 Replies to “Mosaiculture Insects”

  1. These insect plant sculptures were just a small ‘taster’ of the mosaiculture exhibition, which was increasingly huge and spectacular as I walked along the 2 kilometre route through the Jardins Botanique de Montreal lined with sculptures and installations. I’ll soon post some more of the photographs that I took on both Jessica’s Nature Blog and on Photographic Samagundi. I’d never seen anything like it.


  2. My brother’s partner does some type of natural sculptures with plants – I haven’t seen her work yet so not sure if it’s like this – but will see if I can get some photos.


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