Natural feather patterns, colours, textures and shapes on a young peacock

In young peacocks when the adult feathers are replacing the dull downy feathers, the colours of the newly sprouted plumage seem different from those in the fully mature bird – having far more yellow and green feathers than the typical predominance of blue that you usually find in the brightly coloured parts of the adult bird. There is a lovely contrast at this stage of development, not only between the hues and patterns of the different parts of the young peacock, but also in the textures between the feathers and the down.

7 Replies to “New Peacock Plumage”

  1. amazing photos of these gorgeous feathers … such rich hues, and the exquisite pattern of the way they overlay each other … were they tame birds jessica?


  2. Thank you. I’m glad you like them. I photographed the peacocks at Kew Gardens in London where the birds roam at will over an extensive site. Usually they simply ignore passersby, as in this case, but they can be aggressive if approached during the mating season. I used a x24 zoom lens to take the close-up feather images.


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