There are five main types of rock strata visible at Lulworth Cove: Portland Stone, Purbeck Beds, Wealden Beds, Greensand and Chalk. The Wealden Beds are the most colourful and some of the rocks have wonderful patterns as well.

The colours range from yellow and orange through to deep red, brown and black. The strata are very variable with interesting textures and compositions.

Although this World Heritage Site is called the Jurassic Coast, it includes earlier Cretaceous rocks as well. The Greensand, Chalk and Wealden Beds all belong to the Cretaceous period. The photograph above shows the soft sandstone layers at the base of the cliff that are being worn back and undercut by the sea.

The photograph below shows a general view of part of the cliff containing the Wealden Beds.

For more information about the geology of Lulworth Cove look at the Lulworth Web Site.

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