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Natural, unaltered colours, abstract patterns, and textures in autumn leaves shown in macro-photographs.


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2 Replies to “Autumn Leaves Part 1”

  1. It’s nice to hear the phrase “autumn leaves” and see your colorful pictures of them because here in central Texas the high temperature each day is still usually at least 35°C. We’re also in a continuing drought, and the high temperature and lack of water have caused some leaves to dry out prematurely. That’s given me some additional things to photograph:


  2. Hello, Steve. We have had sort of strange weather this year in the UK and the leaves are also changing colour and beginning to fall earlier than usual. However, I must confess that my pictures of autumn leaves were taken last year – not this. I was amazed at the brightness and variety of colours at that time and took many photographs which I am only now getting round to posting on the blog – although some of them have been on my Fine Art America site for some time already.
    Your own photographs, as usual, are really exceptional. I love the bulrush one – it reminds me of Rothko’s art and I am really attracted to that kind of abstraction, especially when it is found in nature.


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