Wild flowers of hedgerow and field

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Red poppies growing in a field of oil-seed rape.

This is a lovely time of year with flowers everywhere in the Wessex countryside. I walked along Charminster Down yesterday, overlooking the Cerne Valley, and flowers were evident all around.  The meadows on the down top were carpeted in acres of swaying grasses of every description. The hedgerows and banksides were threaded with a colourful profusion of wild flowers. The valley sides were cloaked in ripening wheat, barley, oats – and oil-seed rape intertwined with poppies creating, from a distance, a bright red misting over the entire field.

View across the Cerne Valley from Charminster Down, showing red poppies in a field of oil-seed rape.

Honeysuckle flowers growing in a hedgerow

Elder flowers in great profusion against a blue summer sky with wispy white clouds 

Greater Knapweed flower with spikey purple-pink petals in a hedgerow.

Delicate pale pink flowers of a Dog Rose gleaming in summer sunshine in a hedgerow.


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2 Replies to “Wild flowers of hedgerow and field”

  1. The countryside is particularly beautiful at the moment. I was amazed to find I had all that lovliness to myself as I wandered o’er hill and vale – I didn’t see another soul in four hours of walking.


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