Seaweed abstract image: Seaweed floating on undulating waves - a digitally altered photograph (1)

Just some fun with digital photographic manipulation to create abstract art – based on pictures of Thong Weed floating beneath the surface of undulating waves. I thought the results of the digital effects resembled the brightly coloured psychodelic images that were a frequent feature of the 1960’s.

Digital abstract image of floating seaweed: A psychodelic representation of seaweed floating on gently undulating waves - a digitally altered photograph (2)

Digital abstraction of floating seaweed: Abstract design based on a photograph of Thong Weed floating in gently undulating seawater (3)

Psychodelic pattern: Abstract digital image of floating seaweed (4)

Psychodelic colours and patterns digitally created from a photograph of floating seaweed in gently undulating waves (5)

Seaweed abstract image: Psychodelic colours and patterns in an abstract image digitally conjured up from a photograph of seaweed floating in gently undulating waves (6)


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