Natural arrangement of seaweed on rock (3)

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P1090689fBlog3 A natural arrangement of brown seaweeds, with Egg- and Toothed Wrack, washed ashore onto the rocky strandline at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, UK on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site (3) 

A natural arrangement of mostly brown seaweeds, with Egg- and Toothed wrack, washed ashore on the rock platform at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, UK – part of the Jurassic Coast. Some of the seaweeds are drying out to give a drier, crisper texture with wonderful golden-yellow colours that contrast with the olive-brown leathery textures of the underlying layers of seaweed on the strandline.


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6 Replies to “Natural arrangement of seaweed on rock (3)”

  1. Thank you, Amy Lynn. I think seaweeds have a beauty all of their own – not always but often. However, I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder because some people tell me that they cannot even bear to look at photos of them as they are “nasty, slimy things”!


  2. Thank you. I suppose it is something to do with chaos theory. If there is enough seaweed washed up on the beach, out of all the apparent randomness in the way it has been deposited on the shore, there will be some parts of the pile that can be distinguished by the observer’s eye as ‘aesthetically’ arranged, provided that enough time is spent looking for it.


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