Rhossili beach is vast and even on the sunniest of days is virtually empty. The sky seems forever. The sea stretches to South America. The boundaries between sky, sea and sand sometimes seem to merge. There is an incredible sense of physical freedom walking along the seashore: almost a feeling of floating. Many people have described Rhossili’s mystical quality. Clouds cloak Rhossili Bay with atmosphere. Changing with time of day, season of year, and weather, they affect the quality of light and shade – creating a kaleidoscopic  interplay between sea, sky and sand.

The photographs illustrate the variability of the clouds over Rhossili Bay during a few days in early April, showing some of the many moods of this wonderful place. 


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4 Replies to “Clouds over Rhossili Bay”

  1. Thanks, P.j. It is a fantastic place. When the skies are reflected in the acres of wet sand, it further adds to the feeling of being suspended. Even the island of Burry Holms and the Worms Head promontory can appear to hover in a shimmer between sand and sky. More pictures of this coming up shortly.


  2. Thank you, Amy Lynn. One of the most attractive features of the coast in Britain is the way the weather constantly changes how it looks and feels.


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