Steeply inclined, rugged, and sombre, the cliffs at the south end of Rhossili Bay make a dramatic contrast to the grassy slopes of Rhossili Down and the wide, gently shelving expanses of the sandy beach.

The cliff is characterised by massive strata, sometimes at a 45 degree angle; comprising layers of varying thickness up to almost a metre; and overlain by encrusting marine organisms arranged in horizontal bands of different colours from beach level to cliff top in rocky shore zonation.

On top of the cliff lies the Viel, an ancient medieval strip field system, separating the village of Rhossili from the rocky, wave-cut platform which is a natural causeway to the Worms Head. In the cliff face, narrow clefts have been excavated by the sea – tall enough for a person to squeeze through. The walls inside are covered with a myriad of marine creatures taking advantage of the permanent moist conditions and relative shelter.

In places, the rock fissures have widened and deepened to form small caves. If you crawl or clamber into one of these, you can discover a quiet space with smooth grey walls, precariously balanced boulders, and shallow pools lined with shell-like ripple patterns in the sandy floor. The light from the cave entrance glints on wet stone surfaces while deeper recesses are only discernible with the light of the camera flash.


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5 Replies to “Rhossili Cliffs (Part 1)”

  1. Im telling you.

    You have no idea how important what you are doing is.

    The world has no eyes to see what is given right before them.

    Keep going, you are doing great.

    The work is excellent, and even getting better – reach.

    Keep Reaching and don’t be afraid to think…..BIG.

    Simple. Big….reach for it. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL


  2. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement. It was really great to get your message when I logged on to the blog this morning. I am already starting to work on some of your earlier ideas and thinking about how I can implement them – it makes me look at the natural world around me from an additional perspective – one that I hadn’t considered before. Thank you.


  3. I loved these pictures. You know how much I have enjoyed my visits to Rhossili but haven’t been now for years.
    I did try to paint some of these sorts of cliffs last time and failed to capture their ruggedness. But these photos did.
    Well done. I do enjoy coming here for glimpses of beauty.


  4. Thank you, Viv. I am really pleased you liked the photos of the cliffs and thought they accurately reflected the actual appearance. They are a bit sombre and dramatic, aren’t they? I can see that they could be a challenge to capture in paint. Maybe you will have another opportunity when you visit Rhossili again.


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