Just a snapshot to remind us of summer days. It won’t be long now before these blue and white striped deckchairs are out for hire again on the seafront at Weymouth in Dorset, UK. The official holiday season starts in just a few weeks. Let’s hope for lots of sunny warm weather this year.


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5 Replies to “Deckchairs”

  1. I love to see deckchairs up and down the promenades, it is like looking back in time. These traditional deckchairs remind me of my childhood when I used to go on holiday and visit Brighton or Worthing and play on the beach.


  2. Yes, I thought of them as old-fashioned and very nostalgic. I remember my Mum and Dad having them in the back garden. It’s good to see that they are still being made (by you, at least) and used on the beaches as well as at home.


  3. What a beautiful view of deck chairs! So encouraging to think that summer is just around the corner. Might take us awhile to turn ’round that corner, but it’s coming…


  4. We were told that this summer really will be a hot one! I will believe it when it happens. They said it last year and it was miserable. However, I am hoping that summer is a good one and starts to happen soon.


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