In the wonderfully dynamic and powerful system of waves and currents that break on the beautiful seashore at Rhossili there are bound to be casualties. This gull that had been nudged up the shore by the incoming tide looked as if it had just died. I think it is a herring gull and these can be a bit bold and clumsy when it comes to diving in the surf. It was very rough in the bay that day. Great for adventurous surfers but not for this poor bird.

This bird lay in splendid isolation amongst the sea foam on the beach at the Burry Holm end of Rhossili Bay. The remains of dead birds are not uncommon on the beach. At times this seashore gets a real pounding from the waves and weather. It is an open stretch of water all the way to South America. Most of the birds are likely to have died of natural causes – probably by accident and broken bones.



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4 Replies to “Sad seagull in the surf at Rhossili”

  1. I wonder, do you maybe have a photo of a fish out of water, alive but only just? I’ll explain more another time!


  2. Hello, Viv. How are you faring?
    Re your question: sorry, that’s one shot I haven’t taken. I mostly have very dead fish and their remains on the beach – including those still caught up in flotsam fishing nets. When live fish are stranded, they get eaten very quickly by the birds and crabs.


  3. I’ve sometimes found fish just as they are stranded but never had a camera with me; we have a fairly healthy population of pipefish here and they seem to be almost amphibious. I also rescue baby jellyfish!
    I’m Ok, I guess, but worn out!


  4. Your mention of the pipefish made me remember – I had forgotten all about it! I do have some pictures of a stranded pipefish but I have no idea whether they would be the sort of thing you are interested in. I’ll send a couple to you by e-mail.
    I am glad you are managing even if worn out. Teaching is very energy zapping..


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