Flotsam & driftwood beach shelters on Gower

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From a distance I couldn’t make out what on earth this was. Close up, I discovered it was an ingenious tent-like structure made up of found objects from the beach. Kids like nothing better than exercising a lot of ingenuity and imagination in making camps and dens. On the beach there is often a lot of flotsam and driftwood on the strandline to provide suitable materials. The pictures above and immediately below were taken at Rhossili Bay in April.


Children had also been busy on the seashore at Oxwich Bay earlier in the year – making slightly less spectacular dens to play and shelter in. Maybe there is not so much debris washed ashore on that side of Gower. The photographs below show a couple of these encampment structures.



However, when there are plenty of building materials to hand in other settings than the beach, much sturdier constructions result. The picture below shows a pretty decent shelter that I found in a Dorset woodland in March. It’s clear that wherever they find themselves, children can have a lot of fun making, and playing in, these encampments.


A Post from the Past [2009]

One Reply to “Flotsam & driftwood beach shelters on Gower”

  1. I used to make dens like these with long grass and sticks in the primary school field in the dinner hour. If I had come across this den at the top of this post it would have ended up in a painting. Architecture without architects.


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