Sand patterns on Rhossili beach in April

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Natural patterns in the sand on the beach

One of the most intriguing and unusual designs that I have seen to date – wrought by the sea on the sand at Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula. I photographed this  beside the Spaniard Rocks at the Llangennith end of Rhossili Bay. It had been stormy the previous couple of nights and the beach had been sculpted into new shapes and decorated with fresh designs. This pattern looked to me like two birds. What do you think?

Natural patterns in the sand on the beach

This is a slightly more typical fish-scale pattern of sand ripples.

If you want to look for patterns like these on Rhossili beach, the easiest access to the north end of the Rhossili shore is via the Hillend Caravan and Camping Park. It has been there for as long as I can remember but it is transforming itself from the basic set up I recall from student days to a more welcoming place with greater amenities.

The best innovation in recent years is Eddy’s Coffee Shop and Bistro. I always look forward to visiting Eddy’s. The cafe is spacious and modern with views over the Burrows and glimpses of surfers in the waves. You can sit a while to rest your feet with a pot of tea and cake, or have one of their really delicious hot homemade meals – I can personally recommend them. Give it a try if you are in the area.

Back to sand patterns!  Dendritic designs like the one below are more commonly found at the south, or Rhossili village end, of the seashore where the red sediments wash down from Rhossili Down to add an extra touch.

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Natural patterns in the sand on the beach

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