Calf foraging amongst beach pebbles

A Post from the Past [2009]

One of a bunch of young cattle on the beach at Rhossili. I wondered what they were finding so interesting there? There was nothing to eat so perhaps they were licking salt from the stones. I have heard of cattle being given “salt licks”, or blocks of salt, while grazing.

Having scrambled down the steep slope, some of the animals seemed terrified of moving. Maybe the unfamiliar feel of the soft sand under hoof, or shock of accidentally stumbling down the muddy slope – whatever, it was only when the sea actually threatened to lap around their feet were they persuaded to move along the strandline to a place with easier access back to the top of the slope.

Tracks of their hoof prints in the sand seemed somehow incongruous in that location – you would not have believed that cattle could make the trip. Was it an accident or is this a normal activity? Maybe this is a common occurrence.

Tracks of cattle on a sandy beach

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