4 Replies to “The Ross Brook Formation 15”

  1. These pictures do rather reveal my obsessive tendency to take lots of pictures around rocks. I am fascinated by their appearance and try to visualise the events that have created them and led to their exposure and deterioration. Typically, I can take several hundred photos at a time, most of which never see the public light of day. However, it is interesting how many geologists and other academics find just what they are wanting in the images, along with writers, designers, and artists all over the world. I may not be famous but some of my images can be found in the most unusual of publications and locations, including scientific papers on the interpretation of features on the surface of Mars. and even in Buddhist philosophical works.


  2. That’s so cool, Jessica! Maybe you could include links to some of these publications. That would be fun to see. I think it’s more meaningful for your work to have fame than for your person to. Congratulations.

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