Large willow tree over small river by dry summer fields

Down by the River Cerne 2

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The River Cerne near my village is still running well and I am wondering if it is fed by a spring bubbling up from an underground aquifer because it seems relatively unaffected by the recent lack of rain. In some places the water has slowed and is hidden by Watercress that stretches across the entire channel. In others the stream is clearly visible with trailing Water Crowfoot waving in the current, and small accumulations of Duckweed floating near the banks. I spotted Water Figwort on the banks which I do not remember seeing there before. And I had to be wary of touching the tall dead sentinels of the left bank which I suspect may be Hemlock. I always love to see the old willow tree that has grown right over the water channel and forms a natural bridge from one bank to the other – if you are agile.

These pictures (second in series) were taken on 15 August 2022.

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