A discontinuous stretch of vegetated dunes runs around Swansea Bay in South Wales, from the River Tawe and the docks in the east to Mumbles and its lighthouse in the southwest. A trial to encourage fixed dune formation to protect adjacent paths from in-blown sand is in progress in areas where dunes are absent. The pictures in this series were taken between the rather strange building called The Tower of the Ecliptic Observatory, passing in front of a beachfront residential area, and terminating at the long iron structure of West Pier that borders the Tawe and marks the beginning of the old dock area with its cranes and hoists. The variety of plants is amazing, and the character of the plant communities changes along the stretch.

4 Replies to “Dunes at Swansea Bay 1”

  1. The Tower of the Ecliptic Observatory…now that sounds interesting. Is it still in use or open as a public area. I have to admit that my eye went right to that building in the header photograph.

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  2. I am always curious about any kind of nature observatory. I see with a little internet search that it is not that old (1993) and ceased operation as an observatory in 2010 due to financial reasons.

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  3. At one time it was going to be opened as a cafe with those wonderful beach views but somehow it never materialised. It is a great building and location and a great pity it cannot continue to be used for its original function

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