4 Replies to “Pebbles LB2”

  1. I was only thinking of the change of arrangements with ever tide. But you are right that the shakes or turns of the kaleidoscope result in changes of patterns that are always symmetrical. There is beauty in symmetry of course – but it is not confined to symmetry. In a way, that is a fairly superficial way of judging beauty, don’t you think?

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  2. We find beauty in a symmetrical face because it signals health, we are told. Symmetry elsewhere, in a landscape, for example, could be unnerving.

    There is a peculiar beauty in the transitory. And sometimes in the apparently asymmetrical. What about the “fearful symmetry” of Blake’s Tyger?

    As a fairly regular ebb-walker I am very conscious of “macro” change. I think it might be interesting to photograph exactly the same square meter of beach over successive days. Would we be likely to find even find one pebble we recognised?

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  3. When I was a working biologist, it was common to monitor fixed quadrats to measure changes in plant cover and invertebrate life both on land, intertidally, and (with greater difficulty) in rivers. I guess that with pebbles on the beach, the best way would be to identify a precise location on something like a breakwater (groyne) or pier and photograph the pebbles adjacent to that spot every day. Maybe something that would be easier for you to do as a project than me at the moment. Though, if I was ever in a situation where it was practicable, then I would like to give it a go, out of curiosity.

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