Winds were gusting at 50 miles an hour, forcing waves up the cliff and spraying water over the top like a downpour of rain at Kimmeridge Bay yesterday morning. Birds were wheeling around in the air like unruly and noisy clouds; and others were having a high old time riding the rollercoaster waves, or foraging among the washed up seaweed on the shallow strip of high-tide shore. For us it was exhilarating, leaning right into the wind and trying not to be swept along or off our feet. Wind surfers were out making the most of the chaos – unbelievably manoeuvring through the crests and troughs. Here are a few shots that only capture a pale reflection what it was like – with its rapidly changing sky and light as clouds chased each other through the air, the sun peering out unexpectedly from time to time amid the continual roar of the wind, waves, and birds. So difficult to capture but what a feeling it was!

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