A new blog for my neighbours

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Blossoms by the former church at Charlton Down in Dorset

I have recently started to write a light-hearted and photo-filled diary for my fellow residents – about my day-to-day ramblings around the Dorset village where we live. There will mostly be lots of Nature pictures and observations of the small changes that delight me every day. There will also be musings on the history of the site, which used to be a Victorian hospital complex, together with other useful information for my immediate neighbours. The new blog is called GREENWOOD (the name of the building in which I live and previously the accommodation for the women patients). I thought it might interest some of my readers at Jessica’s Nature Blog too.

8 Replies to “A new blog for my neighbours”

  1. Thank you, Andy. I have been putting the occasional picture on our local village FaceBook page but I generate so many photos on my daily walks around here, I thought I would share them more widely.


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