Natural patterns of rippled water with reflected light

Burry Holms Water Ripples 4-6

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Burry Holms Water Ripples 4-6: The second in a series of close-up detailed images of light-play on shallow tidal water ripples over sand near the island of Burry Holms at Rhossili Bay on Gower in South Wales.

5 Replies to “Burry Holms Water Ripples 4-6”

  1. Thank you, Emma. These are old photographs of course. I can recall how it felt to stand in the shallows as the tide crept ashore and bounced back from the rocks creating these wonderful sunlit patterns. Gower will be the very first place I visit when we are released from the pandemic restrictions. Can hardly wait to be there again.

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  2. Those are lovely Jessica, reminds me of a park in Japan where workmen were brushing the algae off pebbles in a stream to reveal the lovely colours and I had to take a picture of the water patterns on the newly cleaned stones. Just found your site and am enjoying the quality of the photos, thank you.

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