8 Replies to “River After Storm AL 1”

  1. Looks like the storm here in a America after it hit Louisiana as a hurricane and came through Arkansas (where I live) and tore up neighborhoods and knocked out power. We were lucky and had no damage. Nature sure can show us its fury at times.

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  2. I am sure that the situation in Arkansas was far more serious than in Pontypool. I am pleased to hear that you had no damge. It was the coasts of Wales that bore the brunt of the storm damage. But nonetheless the heavy rain falling on the mountains and hills affected all the rivers and there was flooding. Surprisingly, the level in the Afon Llwyd at this point was not very high but the volume of water was massively increased. The river flows down a fairly steep slope. Storms seem so much more severe and frequent in Britain these days and happen at any time of the year, not just winter.

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  3. Yes, it was exhilarating to hear and see it. Youngsters were even venturing down low onto the bankside for thrills. The worst part of this very short experimental trip out to see the outer world after six months of lockdown was the journey home. The skies opened and we drove for an hour through a storm of biblical proportions, with such a lightening-clad deluge that the roads were deeply flooded in torrents even on the hillsides all the way from Yeovil to Dorchester. It was the scariest of drives I have ever experienced.

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