Flowering grasses

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 69

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One footpath from Charlton Down to the next village of Charminster passes over high ground. It is a long time since I was able to climb right up and over that hilly upper route although it is the most interesting way. I have managed recently to access the first part of that walk which starts just off the road that skirts the south of the village. The last time I was there both sides of the path were still cultivated and planted with wheat. Now this small area has been allowed to go wild.

The variety of grasses that have developed is amazing. They are all flowering at the moment. The high winds of the last couple of days have battered many, knocking them flat, but others are more robust and remain standing. Interspersed among them are clumps of tall of thistle, dock, mayweed and assorted cow parsley type vegetation. The hilly field is bounded by trees to the south and to the west, while a ripening crop of barley grows to the east. I greatly enjoyed exploring and photographing these lower slopes.

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