Growing barley crop in evening light

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 65

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The barley is growing well, and as the seed heads fill out and become heavier, they change from an upright to a horizontal position. The whiskers tending to lie in a flat surface layer and this changes the whole appearance of the field – from the once spiky surface to an undulating sea of silken threads. Only a few seed heads remain above the rest. Viewed in the evening not long before sunset, the low angle of light casts the shadows of bordering trees across the growing crop as if to form a frame of gentle grey to emphasise the glowing green of patches still illuminated.

2 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 65”

  1. Thank you for noticing the barley and for presenting it to us so beautifully. I’m sure it grows somewhere in the States, but all we have in Ohio is cattle feed: corn (maize) and soy beans. The corn can be photogenic, but I have yet to be tempted to photograph soy beans.

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  2. Thank you, Linda. It’s a pity there is not more variety for you to photograph in Ohio. Barley, wheat, and oilseed rape are the main crops around our village this year, and many people under lockdown are venturing out into the countryside and getting artistic shots of the crops which they are really noticing perhaps for the first time. Ideally, if they go out early enough in the morning they can capture the sunrise and a deer or two in the crops.

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