Green fields and big skies around Charlton Down in Spring

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 38

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For the first time in almost two years I was able yesterday to take a walk into the open countryside around the village to experience again the wonderful broad vistas and big skies. A great feeling of release and exhilaration. The regular daily walks within a few hundred yards of my home during this lockdown have strengthened my legs and made me fitter so that I can after all this time wander out into the fields that I love so much. I have missed it all. I inhaled deeply and breathed it all in.

10 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 38”

  1. Such skies. Clouds as clouds used to be. Giving younger people an opportunity to glimpse something of what we gave up for easy street, air travel and internet pornography. If they cared to look up.

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  2. The skies are definitely clearer and cleaner since the lockdown. Night skies seem to be repopulated by bigger and brighter stars.


  3. Thank you, Claudia. I know it is an exaggeration but I felt a bit like Julie Andrews in the opening scene from “The Sound of Music”.


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