On my brief excursions into the fresh air each day I am monitoring the growth of the plants around me. The sticky buds on the horse chestnut trees are beginning to open now. You can see the scrunched up tender leaves and the embryonic flowers just emerging in the spring sunshine. I certainly appreciate nature on my trips out. So calming. You can’t worry and focus the camera at the same time.

6 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 2”

  1. Maybe. Not certain whether they would be safe to eat – possibly a little crunchy raw, better if lightly cooked.. Would look wonderful grouped on the plate (if not actually poisonous). Like the bowl of assorted seaweeds that I posted!

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  2. Yes. It makes me think of when I was young – we lived out in the country and spent all day outside with few toys, just what we put together ourselves, mostly (think: covered wagon being a large box set into our small red wagon which we then pulled around the gravel roads we lived on – or boats cut out of scrap wood with a hand saw (what a miserable job that was but the boats were worth it). We used lots of stems, leaves, flowers, rocks, etc., in creating “meals” . That of course we did not really eat but travelers need provisions, right? Lots of pretending going on, a nice time in my life. Your photos really brought back those times to me.

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  3. I used to do the same sorts of things too. We lived on the outskirts of London when I was a child but there were lots of open or wild places around. I can remember making play-meals from leaves and cut grasses.


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