To contrast with the earlier post of pictures taken on a breezy day when the ears of barley were swirling in the wind, these photographs show the growing crop when the weather is calm and the details of the whiskers or spikes on the seed heads are clearly distinguishable but still make for interesting textures and patterns in the field.

6 Replies to “Barley Field on a Calm Day”

  1. Dear Jessica,
    Lovely shots of barley.
    The ‘Like’ button seems to have been removed?
    Don’t really want to have to fill in the form every time just to ‘like’…
    With best wishes,

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  2. Thanks, Hamish. I am sorry that you were unable to use the “like” button. It is enabled on the post, and I can see it on my screen version. There have been 10 likes on it today. A glitch in the software perhaps?
    I hope you and your family are keeping well in the current situation. I am fine so far. I feel lucky to live in a place with a lovely view and the possibility of stepping outside for fresh air. Also an archive of 300,000 photographs to revisit.


  3. I am never 100% certain about ID and there is always a mixture to some extent, either germinating from previous crops or contamination of the seed. One pic I noticed had oats intruding.


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