Rocks at Trinity Beach Series 2 – Granite outcrops at the south end of Trinity Beach in Queensland, Australia. The smooth massive blocks of the high shore are transformed to waterworn hummocks, boulders, with smaller beach stones and pebbles lower on the shore.

3 Replies to “Rocks at Trinity Beach S2”

  1. I think maybe the ‘seams’ are in fact cracks or fissures and could indicate earth movement at some time, as in faulting. Granite seems so hard but in fact it does disintegrate with weathering and can be friable. I remember once having a bad fall when I slipped on a wet ship’s deck. I had a rucksack on my back with a large granite pebble in it. I discovered afterwards that the stone was shattered! My partner heard the massive crack and thought I had broken by skull. Fortunately, the damage was not quite so severe.


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