The intensity of light, its orientation to the shot, the state of the tide, the weather, all affect the appearance of the sediments on the seashore. This makes for a the infinite variety of form, pattern and texture that feeds my obsession with sand photography. Swansea Bay August 2018.

9 Replies to “Swansea Sand Ripples Again S1”

  1. There is quite a bit of particulate organic matter in the valleys of the ripples; small fragments of seaweed, coal, and shells for example. Small holes and short trails are mostly made by a minute gastropod snail. A type of Hydrobiid, I think, which on occasion occurs in enormous numbers on this shore. There are a few marine lug worm holes and casts too.
    Some of the ripple valleys appear stratified in horizontal layers that give a micro-ripple effect. This is caused by the way the ridges of sand are gradually built up by the wave action – the swash of the crashing wave and the backwash as it sinks back seawards afterwards, ready for the next wave. This process shapes the sand ripples layer by layer.


  2. You could take a small square and find a whole landscape in it. Which we are all treading underfoot and paying little attention to. Stop and pay attention! That is what your post reminded me about. Not to mention how beautiful your photos are as always. Thank you.

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  3. I think beauty arises from a mixture of order and disorder. Too much order results in boredom. Too much disorder results in confusion. Between these poles, we experience success in discovering order (and I think that is the main component of what we experience as beauty) without it becoming boring. It remains interesting.
    There is an optimum of beauty with just the right amount of order and just the right amount of surprise and these sand wave patterns are near that optimum.

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