5 Replies to “Branksome Wood Textures S1”

  1. Yes, sad also because the photos show decaying chipboard surfaces from boards in a run-down area of town. So, they are emblematic of the demise of woodlands, unsustainable destruction of trees, and the decline of a seaside resort.

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  2. Was down that way earlier this week and noticed a concerted campaign to cut down gorse (noticed tree stumps too) on the cliff between Branksome and Canford Cliffs behind a row of huts. I’m confused about the rationale behind this, as it’s certainly destructive of wildlife habitat, looks ugly and I can’t see the benefit in slowing erosion.

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  3. I haven’t been there for quite a time and I haven’t seen this shrub-cutting myself. It is a loss of habitat and hence biodiversity, and there is a worrying trend of “tidying up” in public areas. I wonder if the rationale in some cases like this has something to do with the potential misuse of such places – more a social and cultural reason.


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