Strange marks on rocks at Birsay Bay

Orkney Shores – Birsay 2

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A dull day for photography. Overcast with strong wind and some rain later. Apparently normal for Orkney in June. Visitors to Birsay on the northwest corner of West Mainland in Orkney are usually on their way to the tidal island Brough of Birsay with its archaeological remains and birdlife or the Earl’s Palace. Exploring the rocks on the beach facing south I found some with strange markings which I think are possibly trace fossils or ichnofossils, maybe chondrites.

4 Replies to “Orkney Shores – Birsay 2”

  1. Hi, Keith. All the rocks pictured in this post are the same type, which is Stromness Flagstone from the Old Red Sandstone of the Devonian period (365-360 million years old). The bedrock on Flaggy Shore in Ireland is Carboniferous Limestone of The Kinavarra Group (360 -330 million years ago). The Flaggy Shore limestone is from a later period than the Stromness Flagstone in Orkney. They have in common the superficial appearance of flat slabs or pavement but the way this has occurred differs in the two locations.


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