15 Replies to “F is for Flotsam”

  1. but at least we seem to have lost most of those awfull lumps of tar, on our Gower beaches, that was impossible to remove from our clothes….

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  2. Since communities and organisations have started the big beach clean events these kinds of objects are less likely to be found on beaches except immediately after storms. Most of these items were photographed on Rhossili and Whiteford Sands some time ago.

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  3. I’ve seen a bit of rubbish on Rhossili at the north end. Thank goodness for people doing beach cleans. Sadly too many people leave stuff on swansea beach just assuming someone else will pick it up!

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  4. Not too certain what you are referring to but I would agree that lots of toys get lost on a day out at the beach, and then get washed out to sea. Dolls and their parts do look spooky in the sand.


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