Rhyolitic basalt at Main-a-Dieu in Cape Breton

Rocks around Louisbourg – Tri-fold Leaflet

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Leaflet about rocks in the Louisbourg area of Cape Breton

Leaflet about rocks in the Louisbourg area of Cape Breton

After a wonderful stay at the Louisbourg Harbour Inn in Cape Breton in June 2016, I was inspired to compile a small three-fold leaflet of pictures and basic geological information for future visitors to the hotel exploring the area and discovering its fascinating shoreline.  You can click the images above two or three times to enlarge so they are more readable.

You can also access a pdf file of THE LEAFLET here so that you can print off a doubled-side hard copy and fold it up properly if you wish.

[I also produced a photo book with more details and photographs which I will try to share with you later].

4 Replies to “Rocks around Louisbourg – Tri-fold Leaflet”

  1. What a great idea and how well done. Not to mention the stars of the show, the wonderful rock formations. I think the brochure would allow me to explore the area and with a greater understanding of what I was seeing, plus encouraging me to really focus on the geology rather than saying, oh nice, and moving on. And what a variety of formations there is in this place. Just beautiful.

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  2. Thank you very much, Claudia. I felt that I had gained a lot from my trip to the area and was keen to share it. The beauty of Cape Breton increases the more you understand what you are looking at.

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  3. I like that you took the initiative to produce such work and it turned out so well, I am sure people find it helpful, and I totally agree, explaining beauty increases it, at least for me, because then I understand beyond the surface.

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