I previously posted pictures of the sunflowers in the medieval strip field system on The Vile at Rhossili in Gower, South Wales. Other fields had been planted with mixtures of wild plants to produce seeds for migrating bird and nectar for insects. There were many large clumps of pale purple knapweed flowers that were a magnet for butterflies, including veritable clouds of Painted Ladies. Here are a few studies of them and a couple of short video clips (best viewed with HD enabled).

10 Replies to “Painted Ladies on Knapweed”

  1. I’ve been photographing these too. Plenty to choose from. The underwings are just as pretty. If this summer has produced a so-called ‘invasion’ (press articles passim), then it’s a very welcome. one. Have you noticed fewer tortoiseshells this year, though?

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  2. I have heard that as well. In my own garden patch, butterflies have been scarce this year. Perhaps a reflection of the way that many wilder places around here in the more public domain have been carefully tidied up by the people who manage such things.


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