Leaves reflected in water

Leafy Reflections 9 – 18 (SBTL07.19)

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I have a short 10 second video clip of these ripples and reflections. I always have difficulty getting a good result when posting videos. They tend to pixelate and blur although the originals are clear enough. Anyway, here it is. The concentric ripples are created by water boatmen insects moving across the surface of the water.

2 Replies to “Leafy Reflections 9 – 18 (SBTL07.19)”

  1. This is just exquisite – the movement, the green and silvery colors of the water, the patterns…And on a more prosaic note, it made me think of an old memory – when I was young we belonged to a pool and I was on the swim team. When we came in for practice in the morning, the pool was still, except for the insects skating around the water like this, and they made patterns I loved to watch until of course practice started and everyone started getting into the water.

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  2. Thank you, Claudia. The radiating circle movements of the rippling water surface are quite mesmerising. I am pleased that they brought back childhood memories for you.

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