11 Replies to “Waterlogged Driftwood”

  1. There is a tree called Osage Orange (people know it because its fruit looks like green brains) that has beautiful golden wood when first cut. The tree itself is shrubby and unprepossessing but I have always loved the wood’s look – and since we had two of these trees in the yard of my childhood home, I also remember it for the fact that I was paid 1 cent per “brain” to pick them off the ground and haul them to a back area where we put decomposable yard trash. Anyway, these brilliant wood colors really are something unexpected, I think. A hidden treat.

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  2. Thank you, Claudia. It is interesting to hear about the Osage Orange and its green brains! It shows that even things that are outwardly unremarkable can have beauty within.


  3. I also think of the sassafras tree – which is useful for all kinds of purposes and when fresh cut is yellow-orange and the wonderful smell it has. I look for these trees in the woods and if a larger one comes down I try to grab some of the exposed wood if I can – I remember it from childhood and the sight and smell take me back.

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