Pictures 9 – 12 from an idyllic spot on a perfect sunny summer’s day – a walk around Pallington Lakes by the River Frome near Tincleton in Dorset, where Simon Gudgeon displays beautiful bronze sculptures at Sculpture by the Lakes.

These outdoor works are called “The Chase” (with otters and fish) and the bird “Geranos”. Each of the sculptures by the lakeside has a distinctively different patination both in colour and texture.

7 Replies to “Pallington Lakes 3”

  1. Enjoying this theme, Jessica. I fish on the Frome & Piddle in that immediate area, but I’ve never thought to visit PL, even when the fishing is unproductive… now I have an alternative diversion!

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  2. The site of Sculpture by the Lakes must be one of the most biodiverse in the area, with varied habitats providing for more birds and insects than I have seen in one place for a long time.

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